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Top 10 best interior design schools in Asia

1.Raffles design institute, in shanghai The institute was established in the year 1994 and it’s a collaboration between Singapore‚Äôs Raffles design institute as well as Dong Hua university from china. The university also enjoys pioneer status after being one of the early approved Sino-Foreign joint schools within

Top Ten Best Interior Design Schools in Europe

To become a good interior designer is no mean feat, especially if you choose to enroll in a top design school that requires high standards of excellence from its students. Europe is blessed to have some of the best interior design schools on the planet which boast

Top 10 Best Interior Design Schools in the United States In 2015

When choosing the design school you want to study at, it is very important to consider various factors such as the curriculum, career placement, Portfolio preparation, Range of class offerings, School reputation, Quality of faculty, Current with technology and industry trends, Quality of graduates, School culture or

Top 10 Best Interior Design Schools in the World In 2015

here are many interior design schools located in different parts of the world. If you will like to be among the best interior designers known all over the world, you should take your time and enroll in a school where you will be assured of the best

Top 10 Best Online Interior Design Schools

To become a good interior designer, you should enroll in a program that will equip you with necessary skills that will guarantee you success in the field. There are many online programs available that you can enroll in. Enrolling in a program that you can study while

Top 10 Reasons to study Interior Design

Studying interior design is a course that will open opportunities in your life in case you are an interior design enthusiasts. There are many schools that offer the courses, you should take your time and select the best school where you will be offered the necessary concepts